Lily Carter Videos

In this update’s Lily Carter videos miss Lily continues her scene where she’s on a seduction spree throughout her college to get it on with all the teachers she fancies. Today she caught one of her favorites doing some extra paper work alone in the class room and she decided that is the perfect moment for a hot blowjob. The perfect opportunity for this little kitty to pounce on her prey. She barged in, and just locked the door behind her so as they will not be disturbed by anything. So she just came to his desk and bent over it to him asking him how his day went. Seeing her like this surely got his interest up, and more.

A few words later and the poor teacher was in this slutty teen’s clutches. He and his cock. Not that he minded it one bit. It’s not every day you get a hot lady like her proposing shat she does out of the blue. So watch as he takes his time teach his student’s pussy the pleasure of a hard and rough fuck session. We hope you enjoy and see you next time guys. We can promise that we have another update that you’ll just adore.

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